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Enhance your carbon accounting with verifiable, investment-quality data

Carbon Accounting as a Financial Measure

Similar to earnings reports and other financial metrics, shareholders scrutinize environmental claims made by companies. Now, new climate disclosure rules proposed by the SEC underscore the importance of having accurate, verifiable ESG metrics – just like all financial reports.

"85% of investors considered eSG factors in their investments in 2020."*

*Source: Gartner

When institutional investment firms analyze company ESG reporting to inform stock purchases, data quality tops their priority list. It is no wonder the SEC is proposing new rules to protect investors from what calls “green washing.”

EIP brings this discipline to our consulting services, helping companies to responsibly include verifiable, investment quality data in the development of company carbon reporting.

Your Partner for NZC Implementations

EIP offers complete design, configuration and deployment consulting services for Salesforce Net Zero Cloud (NZC). Based on our own application implementation as well as our experience implementing NZC on behalf of customers, we can help you set up your Scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions tracking for the #1 ranked sustainability dashboard.

We help you attain your net zero goals through the following services:

  • Identify your organization’s type of emissions
  • Design record layouts and proper Scope placement
  • Quickly and accurately import your data
  • Create data visualization using the dashboards and reports for decision-making and analysis
  • Automate your processes to provide timely, accurate and verifiable data


Leverage our expertise and eiPower Net Zero Connector to automate the integration of verifiable, investment-quality data into NZC.

Plug Load Assessment
Plug Load Assessment

Plug Load Integration

Are you using various vendor energy management systems to collect plug load data?  Centralize your carbon accounting in NZC with an auditable trail.

Knowing how these devices are impacting the building electricity meter will enable kWh, carbon and cost savings and provide auditable carbon accounting.

Here are a few examples:

You can only manage the power used by plug load devices when you have a system in place to monitor them. If you don’t have a vendor management system, let EIP present the options.

Climate Action Dashboard
Climate Action Dashboard

Building Management System Data Integration

Building management systems are key in automating the monitoring and control of HVAC, lighting and more. Integrating this data into a carbon accounting system can uncover further insights by showing the impact of new or existing measures on others.

For example, unmanaged computer power from devices left on over weekends and/or holidays not only wastes power, but also uses unneeded air conditioning. Our Plug Load page provides insights that were previously difficult or complex to show.

If your organization is moving to renewable energy, a more detailed analysis of your building’s real kWh usage — as opposed to simply reading the meter — provides another auditable data point for carbon reporting. eiPower’s energy efficiency products and expertise can reduce costs by rightsizing renewable infrastructure such as solar panels, inverters and battery storage.

EIP uncovers and displays these relationships so finance, facilities and carbon accounting managers can include and/or resolve these difficult-to-spot savings opportunities.

How much can you save?

Leverage our insight and experience for your Net Zero Cloud implementation.