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eiPower Cloud Services

Reduce electricity costs and carbon emissions with computer energy management

How much energy do your computers waste?

Employees don’t always power down their computers when they step away for a meeting or finish the day’s work, wasting significant energy. Our eiPower Cloud Services application offers a safe way to conserve that energy, without impacting business operations or forcing new employee habits.

We make it simple, safe and effective to control computer energy costs and emissions—whether your employees work from a desktop computer in the office or a laptop from home.

Discover your potential energy and emissions savings

See what your organization is actually paying to power computers, as well as the environmental impact. Through our eiPower Cloud Services Assessment, we measure the power used by a group of computers for 18 days. Then, we’ll share with you the average energy usage, cost and carbon emissions per day—and what you could have saved with eiPower. It’s as simple and safe as installing a smart phone app.

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CFO Dashboard
CFO Dashboard

How It works

Achieve verifiable energy savings

Save up to 40%-55% in energy usage, costs and carbon emissions.

As a production system energy management application, eiPower saves energy without interfering with employee productivity or IT maintenance. The application puts laptop and desktop computers into low-power mode when not in use, saving significant energy. Our proven product features have been tested in more than eight product generations.


Integrate with Net Zero Cloud

Tracking your data is only the first step. We securely and accurately integrate your computer energy usage in kWh and carbon emissions into Salesforce Net Zero Cloud, the #1 rated sustainability dashboard.

Additionally, we offer Net Zero Cloud customers an eiPower Cloud Services Site License, allowing you to distribute the application to your supply chain partners to track their energy usage as Scope 3 emissions in Net Zero Cloud.

Gain from Our Experience

For more than a decade, EIP has saved companies millions of dollars in energy costs. We’re known around the world for helping companies impact sustainability goals and implement energy saving ideas in the workplace. eiPower Cloud Services rapidly produces savings and emissions reductions without large expenditures.

How much can you save?

Schedule an assessment to uncover your potential energy and carbon emissions savings.