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Discover hidden sources of carbon emissions and energy costs for a business competitive advantage

The heat is on

Achieving environmental, social and governance (ESG) mandates continues to rise in importance amid mounting pressure from company executives, employees, customers, investors, supply chain partners and regulators. In the race to achieve sustainability goals, savvy companies are seeking and prioritizing creative, lucrative solutions to attain a competitive advantage.

Enterprise Infrastructure Partners helps companies achieve verified emissions reductions and unlock millions of dollars in energy savings through an untapped source: company computers.

Your company’s digital carbon footprint is bigger than you think.

Would you leave your office lights on all night? Of course not. It’s easy to monitor and manage with lighting management systems. So how are you doing the same with computers?

Power management on desktop and laptop computers represents an often overlooked and frequently misunderstood source of phantom load, using energy even when not in use. And the impact of saving energy used by computers is lucrative, similar to a lighting control project but without the disruption. You can expect to attain savings in less than 90 days.

eiPower Cloud Service safely and securely helps companies reduce electricity consumed by employee desktops, laptops and plug load without interrupting user productivity or interfering with IT maintenance. We save you money while supporting workplace sustainability initiatives.

Achieve your ESG goals

Reduce Scope 2 and 3 Emissions

By safely shifting employees’ computers into low-power mode when not in use, companies not only reduce electricity consumption and carbon emissions, but can also accurately and verifiably report previously unknown emissions.

We integrate our data with Net Zero Cloud (NZC) — the #1 rated sustainability dashboard — providing investment-quality data to impact your ESG reporting and enhance the value of your investments from existing energy reduction applications. And with our new Plug Load page, you can measure and reduce energy use and emissions from other electronic devices, including printers, copiers, and more.

*Source: Forrester

Automate Scope 3 Emissions Reporting

EIP helps organizations automate elusive and abundant Scope 3 carbon emissions from their value supply chains. eiPower Cloud Services customers have the opportunity to purchase a discounted site license to distribute to their value supply chain for carbon accounting of their computers. Those savings are then integrated into NZC Scope 3 reporting.

Reduce energy costs

Lessen the Impact of Rising Rates

On average, US commercial electricity rates will rise 7.45% in 2022 and another 3% in 2023, according to EIA data.

*Source: EIA

Measure What You're Using

Discover the actual kilowatt (kWh) usage, costs and carbon emissions produced by your computers.

Lower Total Cost of Ownership

By managing energy used by company computers, you can lower the total cost of ownership of your vast fleet of assets, thus reducing the cost of doing business.

Case Studies

Allen Informatica

“We began evaluating products that would allow us to centrally manage the power state of our computers.”
– Cristiano Allencastro

Roseville Joint Union High School District

“eiPower Saver Solution was a better product and a better value.”
– Mike Fury

Support Your Path to Net Zero

Let’s talk about how EIP can impact your ESG scores and integrate with your carbon accounting.