eiPower Windows


Add the technology to centrally manage, enforce and report on Desktop/Laptop power usage

Discover what you are spending, and what you could save using eiPower Cloud Services.

eiPower for Windows – Manage Onsite or in the Cloud

Companies now have the ability to fulfill and quantify company Green Initiatives with the ability to inventory and manage computer power usage and carbon emissions, using multiple reports, all from a simple Windows Server Platform.


eiPower saves organizations up to 40%-55% in energy costs, usage, and carbon emissions by monitoring and managing the power habits of Laptops and Desktop computers.


Use eiPower to make significant gains in Sustainability Plan goals and save significant energy costs by software retrofitting a building locally, regionally, nationally, or Globally.

eiPower Saver reduces the cost  of doing business and ensures power savings do not interfere with user productivity by using production system features such as user override of power schemes, dynamic power schemes based on applications or logged on users, and flexible power scheme scheduling

Energy Is A Rising Cost Of Infrastructure

Today’s energy costs are rising globally. According to a study by Lawrence Berkley National Labs, over 80% of users disable their PC power schemes. Central management and enforcement of power settings is a tangible way to save power that is otherwise wasted on desktop computers. Gartner reports 40% of the IT budget is spent on powering desktop PCs.

Reduce The Cost Of Doing Business

Leaving PCs on around the clock is simply an outdated practice in the age of rising energy costs. Organizations have complete power control over their PCs, letting users opt out of set power schemes, specify dynamic power schemes if selected applications are running, set more aggressive power schemes than administrators, and provide maintenance schedules to bring PCs in and out of low power mode on a schedule. eiPower Saver can bring PCs out of low power mode ahead of software delivery or patch jobs for power control without vPro or WOL. When users are outside the facility and need access to company PCs, organizations can save money on energy costs by keeping PCs in low power mode or off. eiPower Saver allows users to securely Power On and access their PCs when offsite using Remote Power On (RPO).

Best Automatic Energy Policy Enforcement

eiPower policies are enforced to ensure savings, while providing non-obtrusive flexibility to users who demand unbridled access. eiPower Saver overcomes PCs that cannot go into low power mode with proven technology that does not interfere with user productivity, and gives organizations the power savings intended. Command computers with complete power control. Use scheduled power policies and/or command line mode to easily integrate power control into third party applications as well.

Detailed Reports

eiPower ships with detailed accurate reports that verify company kWh usage, cost, and carbon emission usage and savings. Leverage modeled power schemes for increased savings, and Power State duration to further show verifiable reports that show the product is making an impact. View savings by day, month, year, and from any location.

Get The Full Picture – Off-site Detection

Laptops are a way of reducing energy consumption, as they typically use less energy, and are used outside organization facilities. EIP has found that after the first several months of laptop ownership, many devices are left in the office dock. A large quantity of laptops without managed power impacts wasted energy. Additionally, building managers need to know total building energy consumption, which laptops contribute to.

eiPower employs Off-Site Detection for laptops, measuring kWh consumption both in or outside company facilities. This technology enables organizations to measure their full kWh usage, cost, and carbon emissions when consuming power at company facilities, or when operating on battery.

Don’t Leave Computers On For Remote Access

With the popularity of PC Anywhere, Webex, and GoTo my PC Products, Remote Access to company computers is being used by many organizations. Leaving the computer on for only a few hours of access wastes significant power. Leverage the SMP to switch on computers or wake the from low power mode using eiPower Saber Solution Remote Power On.

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