eiPower for SMP


eiPower Saver Solution is a mature, production system power management application in its fifth generation

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You Are In Good Company With eiPower Saver Solution

Customers all over the world are using eiPower Saver Solution functionality to save energy and money using the most deeply integrated Symantec power management solution. eiPower Saver Solution is Symantec’s go forward production system power management.

eiPower Saver Solution spans Symantec Management Platform version 6, 7, and 7.1. Symantec customers have already realized the ease of integration and the common sense of not standing up a completely new architecture for a point solution.

Finally, eiPower Saver Solution is the highest, tangible ROI product available from Symantec. Customers routinely make their money back in one year or less and the subsequent years are pure savings. eiPower Saver Solution is the product that leverages IT to reduce the cost of doing business.

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