eiPower for SCCM


Should read Scalable Production System Power Management for the Microsoft SCCM Platform.

Discover what you are spending and what you could be saving using eiPower.

Have eiPower Saver Solution licences for SMP and are moving to SCCM?
Migrate to eiPower for SCCM at no charge. Maintenance and support must be current or brought current.
Includes migration of data from SMP!

Far more accurate and functional than SCCM power schemes. Many more production system features that do not interfere with user productivity or IT maintenance.

Save up to 55% in kWh usage cost and carbon emissions

Scheduled Power Policies will wake computers without WOL, AMT, or vPro

Integration with Software Delivery and Patch Management will wake computers without WOL, vPro, or AMT

Many reports that document kWh usage, cost, and carbon emission and savings

Off-Site Detection detects when laptops are off site and measures power only when On-site

eiPower Saver’s powerful reporting shows the effectiveness of power saving in easy to read graphs. This modeling report shows computer usage before and after eiPower is implemented.

eiPower integrates with SCCM Software Delivery and Patch Management. When you schedule a job with either SCCM feature, the computer eiPower will insert a wake command.

When the computer picks up the job, the computer will wake from standby or hibernate 5 minutes before the job is scheduled to run, ensuring 100% Patch and SWD effectiveness.

A simple Dashboard let’s administrators quickly resolve maintenance items resulting in very little time to administer the product, and keep the savings coming.


Simple customization allows executives to see month to month, Location savings, or any report without IT requests

The ability to wake computers from low power mode without WOL or vPro lets administrators finally create reliable maintenance schedules. Now anti-virus updates and scans, or any application can leverage computer on scheduled maintenance.


End user frustration by eliminating tasks that run when the user comes in. Bring computers out of hibernate or standby before users come in, so all they need to do is enter CTRL+ALT+DELETE and their password, avoiding the morning crush on domain controllers and networks.

Many power usage reports show energy consumption in Real Time, so companies may adjust power schemes to save even more during peak power periods.

Download the eiPower Saver Solution product data sheet for many other beneficial IT features.