eiPower Cloud Services

A timely cost saving service that brings production system performance to organizations who strive to stay competitive by lowering the cost of doing business

Discover what you are spending, and what you could save using eiPower Cloud Services

eiPower Cloud Services Advantages

No impact on IT schedules, or IT production systems. Simply deploy the client

A resource for departments that are actually measured on reducing power costs

Three tiers of service for cross department functionality, buy only what you require

See results and savings without large expenditures

Savings in the second month, and potential break-even of costs in the third month

Far more effective than GPOs or Vendor Utilities that just manage power schemes

Far more effective than buying vPro just to power on a computer

Achieve 100% anti-virus and patch compliance

Brings production system performance that reduce the cost of doing business

According to the California Energy Commission computers account for about 20% of a typical office’s energy bill. Not good news when Power costs are rising, and organizations are trying to meet sustainability goals such as carbon reduction, and kWh reduction. Managing power costs has become a significant computer lifecycle management component. Similar to mission critical and ubiquitous patch management applications used to prevent expensive downtime and restoration, eiPower is a production system energy management application.


Production system means saving energy while allowing users to perform their tasks, and IT to perform their maintenance. Using eiPower Cloud Service, reducing the cost of doing business has NEVER been more simple. Electricity costs rise 4.2% annually and 42% over the past 10 years. eiPower justifies savings with detailed kWh usage, cost, and carbon emissions reports.

Reduce the cost of doing business with the Cloud