Power Modelling Report

eiPower Saver Solution has the ability to predict the energy savings that would be achieved if a new power scheme was implemented across a fleet of computers. This can be useful in environments where IT staff wish to calculate the energy savings they could achieve by implementing eiPower and setting a power scheme without actually having to get approval to apply the power scheme.

This modelling report makes use of the power and inactivity events that get generated by the eiPower Agent. In order for this report to run the necessary calculations it needs to have a complete set of Power Events and Inactivity Events for all the target computers covering the entire date period that the report is to be run over. The eiPower Agent will always generate Power Events, however to enable the agent to generate Inactivity Events the Inactivity Monitor Policy needs to be enabled.

To get the necessary data the eiPower Agent needs to be installed onto a pilot set of computers, then the eiPower Saver Configuration policy should be disabled and the Inactivity Monitor Policy enabled. Ideally the computers should be allow to generate at least 2 weeks of data before the report is run.

The modelling report involves a fairly complex set of calculations. It needs to overlay each computer’s power events with its inactivity events and then calculate what the power events would look like if the specified power scheme was applied to the computer. Once the new set of power events has been calculated these can be used to calculate the new power usage figures which are then compared to the original power usage figures.