Power Event Purging

One of the features of the Symantec Management Platform is that it prevents excessive table size in the CMDB by automatically purging old events in Event Data Classes. While generally this is fine it can sometimes cause problems for eiPower Saver Solution when the PowerEvents data gets purged. 

Since the SMP purges the oldest data first the Power Events that form the baseline will get typically get removed first. The baseline power event data is used in the comparison reports and is necessary to calculate energy savings. 

In order to prevent this data from being purged it is necessary to change the default purge settings in the SMP console. These purge settings are found at the following location :
In the console menu select Settings -> All Settings.
Then navigate to Settings -> Notification Server -> Purging Maintenance
Click the Resource Event Data Purge Settings tab

Use the link under Custom to select the PowerEvents data class located under Data Classes -> eiPower Saver as shown in the screenshot below.

Specify a value for the Event data retention period that will ensure data is not purged while it is still needed.

A Max rows value of 100,000,000 is recommended for environments over 10,000 computers.

The Perth release of eiPower Saver Solution moves the baseline power events to a separate table so that it does not get purged by the SMP. This ensures that the baseline data will always be available to run comparison reports even if other power event data is getting purged by the SMP.