Enterprise Infrastructure Partners to Help the State of Oklahoma Reach Ambitious Energy Reduction Goals

Melisa Newlin
Enterprise Infrastructure Partners to Help the State of Oklahoma
Reach Ambitious Energy Reduction Goals
San Diego, CA—In 2012, the State of Oklahoma established the 20% x 2020 Facilities Energy Conservation program to reduce the energy consumed in facilities owned or operated by the State while maintaining comfortable and productive building environments. As part of this program, the State has chosen Enterprise Infrastructure Partners’ (EIP) eiPower Cloud Services power management software. Designed to allow organizations to manage the energy use of their desktops and laptops, eiPower can reduce energy costs by $10 to $60 per computer each year, and save tens of thousands of kWh usage otherwise wasted.
The Oklahoma Office of Management and Executive Services (OMES) has awarded Enterprise Infrastructure Partners (EIP) a contract for 33,000 eiPower licenses to be implemented and managed by EIP from the Microsoft Azure cloud.
“The State of Oklahoma recognizes that State-owned buildings offer tremendous opportunities to save energy, reduce carbon emissions, reduce taxpayer costs and lead by example when it comes to energy efficiency. This is a text book example of how sustainability is woven into the business rather than being just bolted on” explains Joe D’Agostino, President of Enterprise Infrastructure Partners. “One of the fastest ways to achieve the 20% reduction by 2020 is to reduce the energy usage and cost of the State’s 33,000 computers. We’re very pleased that OMES has chosen the eiPower Cloud Services solution to help them meet their State mandate to meet energy reduction goals.”
After initially purchasing an on-premise version of the eiPower software, OMES quickly saw the advantage and cost savings of implementation in the cloud. Going forward, OMES will continue to perform the other projects on their IT schedule, while EIP implements eiPower in the cloud, minimizing the impact on already-set IT production schedules.
In the long term, Oklahoma’s 20% x 2020 program was designed to be funded entirely through the savings from reduced monthly utility bills. The energy and costs savings gained through this eiPower implementation will be documented to taxpayers, providing positive proof of the well-regarded power management system’s impact.
EIP is a software development company based in San Diego, California that designs and develops cost-saving infrastructure applications. eiPower has sold over 1.1 million licenses worldwide.