Enterprise Infrastructure Partners’ eiPower Power Management Software Now Certified & Available in the Microsoft Azure Marketplace

Melisa Newlin

December 5, 2015, San Diego, CA—Enterprise Infrastructure Partners (EIP) is pleased to announce that its signature product, eiPower Cloud Services, has been Microsoft Azure Certified and is now available for worldwide purchase through the Microsoft Azure Marketplace. Designed to allow organizations to manage the energy use of their desktops and laptops, eiPower can reduce energy costs by $10 to $60 per computer each year. In fact, eiPower Cloud Services is the highest ROI (return on investment) application available on the Azure Marketplace today.
eiPower Cloud Services is the Azure-based cloud version of the highly successfully eiPower Saver Solution that is installed in enterprise class environments worldwide. Since the product was launched in 2007, over 1.1 million eiPower licenses have been sold.
“Many businesses, federal agencies, and even state and local governments have green initiatives and mandates to reduce their expenditures and carbon footprint,” explains Joe D’Agostino, EIP’s President. “With eiPower now available in the Azure Marketplace, organizations can purchase a cost-saving, socially responsible application and have it in operation the same day. And the savings can be substantial. Plus, because eiPower qualifies for energy efficiency incentives from utility companies across the U.S., many organizations can use these incentives to fund the first and potentially several years of Azure consumption and licensing to realize an immediate return on investment!”
Evaluation of eiPower Cloud Services can be as simple and safe as downloading a smartphone app. The Sustainability or Facilities Manager then evaluates it, confirms it meets company goals and makes the purchase decision. “The cloud enables Line of Business (LOB) managers to choose the application that fits their expertise and meets company goals,” adds D’Agostino.
An additional benefit of eiPower is that it enables a computer that is completely shut off to be turned on remotely. Eliminating the need to leave computers on 24/7 for remote access significantly reduces energy waste. If the IT department needs to do security patching or anti-virus updates/scans, they can easily do so
during off hours without interfering with user productivity. This is because with eiPower computers can be scheduled to wake on schedule, without using WOL or vPRO.
Microsoft’s Azure Certification is an indication that eiPower is a world-class cloud application that integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Office 365’s Azure environment, and customers’ existing Active Directory. The Azure Marketplace is an online market for buying and selling finished Software as a Service (SaaS) applications and premium datasets.
EIP is a software development company based in San Diego, California that designs and develops cost-saving infrastructure applications. eiPower has sold over 1.1 million licenses worldwide.
For more information, visit http://entisp.com, or email info@entisp.com.
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