Enterprise Infrastructure Partners (EIP) Integrates Azure Active Directory into eiPower Cloud Services Product

What’s more convenient than using eiPower Cloud Services to manage the energy usage of an organization’s desktops and laptops? Being able to access these services using a simple existing company logon.
Enterprise Infrastructure Partners (EIP) has now integrated Azure Active Directory into its flagship eiPower Cloud Services product. Active Directory (AD) is Microsoft’s system-wide rights management and administration portal that provides a method for authenticating into various network resources. With the Azure AD integration, it’s now easier than ever for sustainability managers and company executives to take advantage of eiPower’s energy savings, cost savings and carbon reduction benefits, with minimal involvement from IT.
“Azure AD integration provides single logon capability and integration of Organizational Units (OUs),” explains Joe D’Agostino, President of EIP. “This allows customers to leverage their Active Directory investment of time and training to manage eiPower policies, view reports, and leverage other product features with their existing infrastructure.”
EIP is a software development company based in San Diego, California that designs and develops cost-saving infrastructure applications. eiPower has sold over 1.1 million licenses worldwide.