Enterprise Infrastructure Partners Accepted into Microsoft’s CityNext Program

Enterprise Infrastructure Partners (EIP) is proud to announce its acceptance as a Partner in Microsoft’s well-regarded CityNext program, to help cities realize sustainability goals with EIP’s Azure-certified eiPower Cloud Services power management solution. eiPower Cloud Services is an excellent fit for the CityNext initiative, which is about empowering cities to reduce carbon emissions and the rising cost of city infrastructure.
“Sustainability is a significant concern for many cities,” explains Joe D’Agostino, President of EIP. “Cities are looking for ways to reduce their carbon footprints while still meeting residents’ demands. Implementing eiPower Cloud Services’ production system power management software enables cities to meet both of these goals.”
Installation of eiPower Cloud Services qualifies for energy efficiency financial incentives from most utilities in the U.S. These incentives enable cities to reduce their startup costs, all while saving power and reducing carbon emissions. It’s easy to see why cities choose eiPower Cloud Services as a part of their sustainability goals.
EIP is a software development company based in San Diego, California that designs and develops cost-saving infrastructure applications. eiPower has sold over 1.1 million licenses worldwide.