eiPower Saver Solution in the Cloud

eiPower Solution solution is now available in the cloud. By that I mean that eiPower is available as hosted software and as a full SaaS offering. These offerings reduce the setup time and costs associated with deploying eiPower into a new environment. These services are great for small to medium sized organisations that may not have the IT resources to implement new software solutions in house.

To start using eiPower all that is required is to deploy the eiPower Saver Agent to your desktop computers using a simple command line. Installation is typically done using a an AD group policy or log-in script.

The eiPower Saver Agent running on desktop computers communicates to a server hosted in the cloud, currently Microsoft Azure, using standard web communication protocols (HTTP over port 80). This means that no network or firewall setup is required to use eiPower. Additionally the amount data communicated between the client and server is very low (much lower than the traffic generated by the desktop users browsing even a single website) and so network infrastructure will not be impacted by running the eiPower Saver Agent.