eiPower Saver Solution for Cisco EnergyWise

eiPower Saver for EnergyWise Devices makes the power management functionality of the eiPower Saver Solution for PCs product to any PoE or EnergyWise enabled devices.
This solution allows the monitoring and reporting of power usage, cost and CO2 emission information across an organisation, as well as the intelligent control of the device’s power state through the use of power policies. Using eiPower Saver for EnergyWise Devices organisations are able to reduce power usage and cost in their environment while minimising any negative impact on the business. In particular, additional functionality for the power management of user’s IP phones is provided to ensure that power savings measures do not impact the ability for users to perform their jobs.
eiPower Saver for EnergyWise Devices uses the widely adopted Cisco EnergyWise technology to monitor and manage any EnergyWise enabled or PoE powered device.
  • Monitor and report on energy usage across an organisation’s EnergyWise domains
  • Discover, identify, categorise and group all EnergyWise devices in an organisation
  • Ability to control the power state for any EnergyWise enabled or PoE device
  • Ability to define policies to control scheduled wakeup, shutdown, standby and hibernate of devices.
  • Ability to target different power control policies to different sets of devices based on type, location and role
  • Allows users to remotely wake their own devices (e.g. IP Phone)
  • UI on client PCs allows users to the override power control schedules for their Phone in order keep it powered after normal business hours. Alternatively user is able to access this functionality can be access from a website if you do not wish to rollout an agent to client PC
  • Ability to link a user’s computer and phone together so that power state can be managed together.
  • Ability to establish a baseline of energy usage so that energy savings can be calculated
  • Support for complex power pricing structures including : – Time of day/week (e.g. peak/off-peak)
     – Location 
     – Seasonal
  • A rich set of reports