eiPower Saver Agent Diagnostics Windows (again)

A useful way to examine and understand the operation of the eiPower Saver agent is to use the Agent Diagnostics window  to look at the operation of the agent in real time.
The Agent Diagnostics window is not shown by default and must be enabled by setting a registry key as follows :
32 bit computer :
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREEnterprise Infrastructure PartnerseiPower Saver Agent
64 bit computer :
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREWow6432NodeEnterprise Infrastructure PartnerseiPower Saver Agent
Under this registry key create a new String value
Name : Diagnostics
Value : 1
Note : The above instructions apply to post Dublin builds only. Refer to previous post on enabling Diagnostics in pre-Dublin agent builds
When this registry key is set you can right click on the eiPower agent icon in the Systray and you will see the Diagnostics Information entry shown below.

Diagnostics Menu Item shown after clicking on eiPower Saver Agent Sys-tray icon

When the Diagnostics Information entry is clicked the Diagnostics Windows will appear as shown below :
eiPower Saver Agent Dianostics Window

Check the Auto Refresh’ checkbox to make the data update automatically every 5 seconds.
The diagnostics window contains a large amount of information about the operation of the eiPower Saver Agent including the following :
  • The time when the agent detected the computer last woke from Standby/Hibernate 
  • The Current Idle Timer and Forced Standby/Hibernate countdowns – these are used by the insomnia detection feature
  • If the Offsite Detection feature is enable then the Diagnostics windows will show the network adaptor information that the Agent uses to determine if the computer is Off/On site
  • The log of unsent Power Events
  • If Inactivity monitoring is enable then the log of unsent Inactivity Events will be shown
  • Shows the computers current power scheme
  • Shows the list of all power policies including the currently active policy

 When a problem or unexpected behavior is encountented with the eiPower agent it can bevery useful to use the Diagnostics window to help understand the operation of the agent.