eiPower Agent Diagnostics Window

The eiPower Agent can be placed into a diagnostics mode where it will open a window and displays information about the internal operation and state of the agent. This diagnostics information can be used to help understand the operation of the agent and to help diagnose problems.

This diagnostics window shows the following information;

  • Time to forced Standby/Hibernate
  • Current value of the idle timer.
  • Queue of unsent power events
  • Queue of unsent Inactivity events
  • List of all power policies.
  • The currently active power policy

In the pre Tokyo releases of eiPower this diagnostics window is only available on Windows XP and Windows 2k3. To enable the diagnostics windows;

  • Stop the Altiris Agent Service
  • Open the registry key HK_LMSoftwareAltirisAltiris AgentPlugin ObjectsAgentseiPowerAgent
  • Add a new String Value Name : Diagnostics, Data : 1
  • Restart the Altiris Agent Service

In the Tokyo release the diagnostics window has been changed so that it now appears as an additional tab in the Altiris Agent Diagnostics page. Hence it is no longer necessary to follow the steps above to enable the diagnostics screen, instead you just enable the Altiris agent diagnostics in the standard way (regsvr32 AeXAgentDiagnostics.dll). This new diagnostics screen now also works on all supported operating systems (XP, Vista, Windows 7, Win2K3).

Additional March 2011

Releases post Dublin the mechanism to active the Diagnostics screen has again changed. This change was necessary because the eiPower Saver Agent runs as its own separate process and not within the Altiris Core Agent.
The following registry settings will enable the diagnostics screen for releases post Dublin
[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREEnterprise Infrastructure PartnerseiPower Saver Agent]