ABC TV Australia Sees Immediate Benefits from Move to eiPower Cloud Services

The price of electricity is significant in Australia, which is why in 2011, ABC-TV Australia (ABC TV) chose to implement Enterprise Infrastructure Partners’ (EIP’s) eiPower to control wasted energy on 6,000 computers. ABC TV originally selected the Symantec SMP on-premises version of eiPower. However, their IT implementation schedule was so busy that they were never able to fully implement the product.
Joe D’Agostino, EIP’s President, recommended a move to eiPower Cloud Services as a solution. “We offer our customers a free platform transfer from on-prem to the cloud,” explains D’Agostino, “provided their maintenance is up to date.”
ABC TV took advantage of this free transfer, to have EIP implement all the features of eiPower from the secure Microsoft Azure Cloud. This enabled them to leverage the simplicity and rapid return on investment of eiPower Cloud Services, which can reduce energy usage of an organization’s desktops and laptops by 40 to 55%. Adds D’Agostino, “eiPower Cloud Services are helping ABC TV meet their corporate sustainability initiative to conserve energy, reduce carbon emissions and cut costs – all without impacting their already over-burdened IT schedules.”
EIP is a software development company based in San Diego, California that designs and develops cost-saving infrastructure applications. eiPower has sold over 1.1 million licenses worldwide.